About AppDiscovr

AppDiscovr was created for one simple reason: it is not easy to find good quality new and even older apps on the Google Play Store. This is by design for Google because they make much of their profits from charging developers to promote and push their apps to the top of the list. The Google Play Store contains over 3.5 million games and apps, of which the percentage of quality apps is low.

Problems with advertising doesn’t stop there. If you take a minute to do a search for “best android browsers”, you’ll notice that most of these “best of lists” are about the same. I’m going to use an Android Central post as an example, the first hit on a search.  Let’s take a look at the list and break it down:

Mozilla has been around a long time and has long been a household name as software devs for PC. With over 50 million downloads, there’s no need to list this. At the very least, they could have mentioned Firefox Focus.


Samsung Internet Browser
Anyone who has a Samsung Device has this app installed on their device. The only benefit of the creator mentioning this app is to recommend it to non Samsung users.


Although a little less known than Firefox, Opera has over 100 million downloads as well. Same case as the other, they could have mentioned Opera Mini instead.


CM Browser
CM has become a common name in the Android market. With over 50 million downloads, it is the most plausible to be on this list so far but still, 50 million is a lot of downloads.


Microsoft Edge
Luckily Microsoft replaced the abomination named Internet Explorer with Edge which is much of an improvement but still not nearly an app that I would recommend or call best for that matter. This one has the fewest downloads which may be because it’s just not that great of a browser considering the options that exist.

Throughout AppDiscovr, when we mention apps, we will link them to the Play Store for convenience. Notice how I did not create links for those browsers? That’s because it will provide no value to anyone! Here’s a link to our database of browser apps which should be much more useful.

That little rant adds a little more explanation of AppDiscover’s purpose: to give you access to tons of quality apps and games.

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