Are you interested in becoming an Android Beta Apps? Do you want to have access to app features that standard users do not have access to? Do you want to help improve Android apps? If so, you are in the right place.

Some of these links still use the old Google+ communities for beta testing while others use the new Play Services beta testing. Either way, after you have joined the community or beta program, you will have an updated app in the Play Store within a few minutes.

It’s important that you report any bugs or issues that you come across when using any of these beta programs. The reason these public beta groups exist is to ensure usability over the largest group of devices that is possible.

This post will be updated with new beta programs as they become available. We also have a list of unreleased Android apps. These apps are similar to the beta programs minus the channel for reporting bugs and issues.

What Android Beta Apps do you use? Let us know, we always want to hear from you guys!