We’ve all been there, those rough mornings you want to repeatedly hit snooze, with some of these apps, you won’t be able to do that anymore! There’s a lot to choose from depending on what features you need from available alarm clock apps. Some help you gradually wake up while others annoy the hell out of you and make sure that you are awake.

Fantastic interface that include stopwatch, timer and alarm clock. The alarm has captcha features like match shapes, math problem and shake it!
SAA is the ultimate sleeping app. It can track your sleeping cycles by using the sensors in your device and also offers CAPTCHA.
Called “the most annoying alarm”. I’m not sure if annoying is good for me in the AM, but this one sports some different wakeup methods like photo mode.
Formerly AM Droid, this one has a very usable interface. Like most of the others, it includes wakeup challenges and is packed full of other features. This one is probably the closest to Material Design.

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