A true vanilla Android experience is something that every Android user should experience. To gain a competitive edge, device manufacturers have been customizing Android ROMs more and more, chopping apart the user interface while loading these systems with bloatware. Today we will discuss the best Android apps for removing bloatware and system apps.

Not only can these apps get annoying, they can also expose security risks. Adding spyware as system apps is not a new practice. Most users can agree that the software certain handset manufacturers are including in their devices does not improve user experience but work to the opposite effect. As if it’s not bad enough, wireless carriers are getting in on this practice as well.

Say goodbye to bloatware or crapware quickly with these best apps we have picked for you, keep in mind that the majority of these apps are root only. If you do not have root access, certain apps and functions may work but will be very limited.

I’ve always been a fan of Titanium, even know it’s UI is very outdated. TB allows you to backup system apps before installing. Most of these apps can be removed without hassle, but sometimes they do not.
A new and refreshing app that allows you to disable apps instead of outright uninstalling them. This can be handy to make sure that the OS is not going to act strange after removing certain apps.
Another good one that allows you test removal before diving head first. Root Uninstaller even lets you browse through service processes. Unlike some of the others, this one allows you to backup and restore apps as well.
One of the more popular removal apps. Pretty straightforward, you check all the apps that you want to remove and tap uninstall. Like noted in the other items, I’m not a big fan of removing system apps before testing, but this app gets the job done.
This one takes the approach like Titanium app freezer. This app is one of the few that claims it will work without root, but you must execute an ADB command before being able to use the app.

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