So you’ve rooted your device, what next? The Play Store houses tons of root apps, but it’s tough to sort through the duds. Plus, you should always be careful installing apps that are given super user privileges.

Manage and tweak about everything imaginable: WIFI, CPU, GPU, kernel features and more.
Doze is one of the best features introduced in Android 6. The problem is that it can take up to 2 hours for Doze to kick in, wasting opportunities to conserve power.
Another great battery saver. This one allows you to limit wakelocks and alarms. It can take some time to gather device information. Just be careful what you limit.
One of the more well known root apps, but a best of list cannot be complete without this. Greenify works to save power as well by “hibernating” apps when you turn off your screen.
Sure, maybe your file manager app has root support but this one was built specifically with super user privileges in mind.
Many apps request strange privileges that they don’t need. Take control of your privacy by limiting what all apps have access to.
One of the more advanced firmware flashing tools for Android. Anything that can be flashed via recovery or bootloader can be done with this app. Be VERY careful flashing images.
This one can flash custom ROMs and has a variety of other root tools like app manager and file manager.
Turn your phone into an access point for connecting other devices to the internet.
This is one of my favorite apps of all time. It’s basically an app that makes apps. Tasker lets you create custom actions based on unlimited variables. The app is $3.99 but lets you try it for 14 days, totally worth it.
Make the recent app drawer useful again. This app allows you to auto clean recent apps by age as well as adds a clear button.
Pixel and OnePlus devices. Allows you to install custom kernels to maximize your device potential.[/lgc_column]
Use the Linux terminal on your Android device. For more commands install the next app on this list BusyBox. Click here for a list of commands.
BusyBox is a set of Unix utilities that can be compared to GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is required for many different root applications.
Move and install apps onto your SD card instead of device storage. This app is pretty much worthless with the SD capabilities of Android 6+
The best customization framework for Android. For Android versions prior to 5.0, click here. The newer versions have to be flashed to the device.
Block those pesky ads. This is one of the only blockers available on Android. Since it breaks it’s TOS, this one cannot be downloaded from the Play Store.

What’s your favorite┬ároot app? If we missed one that you think should be included, let us know by commenting below!