Looking for the some┬ánew email apps that don’t suck? You’re in the right place. Sticking with Android tradition, you won’t see apps like Android stock email app, Gmail, Live or any of the big email apps. We make best of lists to allow our readers to find great new apps.

Has definitely gained popularity over the last year or so and for good reason. Blue Mail allows unlimited email accounts and supports any POP3/IMAP credentials. The app has tons of unique features like snoozing emails, and do not disturb for push notifications.
This one is quite a bit more popular than Blue Mail. The app does not pack tons of features but seems its goal is to provide an easy to use, minimalist experience.
From the creators of the SolCalendar app. Even know this one seems to be a re-branded version of an older client, SolMail is very easy to use and features message swipe actions like Gmail.
A free encrypted email service. The free version offers 500MB encrypted storage as well as 2 different types of encryption. As an added bonus, the app has a great interface and is easy to use.
One of the better disposable email providers that have been around for a while. With email marketing/spamming the way it is, you would be crazy not to use something like this for less important signups.

Email apps to avoid:

AquaMail – The app contains tons of features, but does not make up for the terrible interface.

MailDroid – Not user-friendly.