Back in 2012, a game called Hill Climb Racing was introduced on the Google Play and iTunes stores which opened up a new category of racing games. With over 100 million downloads in the first year, the trend was set and out came thousands of copycats trying to get into the action. Over the years, some good games have been created out of the idea borrowed from Fingersoft. Let’s talk about the Best Android Hill Climb games.

Definitely borrows the concept from the Hill Climb games, but adds it’s own twist. The controls are the same, but graphics are beautiful. The idea here is to speed up the mountain as fast as you can without destroying your car or fall off the edge. Upgrade your ride or buy a new one.
Basically like HCR but with better graphics. Race others players and upgrade your ride. Most of the tracks are like race tracks, but the idea and controls remains the same.
A lot like MMX, but has a more kid-friendly feel to it.
This time around, the vehicle modifications were added that were implemented in the first game as well as PvP racing.
The one that started it all. Since it’s release and even it’s sequel, the app has continued to grow and add new features.

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