Android stock icons are beautiful for sure, by checking out this list of Android icon packs, you can customize your app icons exactly how you like them. We all know that Android’s customization is superior to any other mobile device. Before you can install a custom icon set, you will need a launcher that supports it. Lucky for you, if you are in need of an awesome custom launcher, we have an article for that too!

This one has been my favorite for a while. The free version has tons of icons.
Very similar style as glim, the flat material look.
These have a really neat and interesting dark style. Worth checking out.
Beautiful material design, over 800 vector icons.
More material icons, a whopping 1070 of them.
Decent combo pack with 920+ icons and 70+ wallpapers

Many of the designers that design these icon packs do also offer premium versions which totally helps them out with all the time that they pour into designing every tiny icon. Imagine the amount of time to create 600 different flawless icons, then create another 600 variations of those, crazy! If the designer does not offer a paid version, you may be able to find a PayPal email within the app’s settings that you can donate to.

What is your list of favorite icon packs? If you think we missed some important ones, be sure to let us know in the comments below!