We all know that one of the perks of Android OS is the unlimited customization options. Installing custom launcher apps, you are basically redesigning the home screens of Android to the way you like it. Everyone has their own preferences, keeping that in mind, here are the best Android launchers.

By far my favorite launcher. Nova is more about features than complete customization. It does support icon themes but not complete launcher themes. The free version is awesome and if you want even more features, there is a prime version.
A very unique take on a launcher app. The app drawer can be accessed by swiping up. This one has built in unread count badges as well as built in widgets. If you prefer an old school launcher, this probably isn’t for you.
This one has been around a very long time, Android 4 days I believe. Apex can be closely compared to Nova, a classic but powerful launcher app.
Action was one of the first “smart” launchers that broke away from the traditional launcher. This one is different for sure and loaded with features like added Pixel support, Shutters, Quickbar and tons more. You just have to try this one out.


Why did I mention GO Launcher?

GO does offer a lot of options like themes and whatnot, I just never liked the GO apps. They fill your screens with ads, sell you themes for $3 a piece and are constantly trying to up sell their other crappy apps.

What is your favorite launcher? Comment below!