With much of the web thriving from the advertising industry, companies want to know the most that they can about their users; whether they want to use the info to remarket or to sell for profit. Digital advertising is a 72+ billion dollar industry which has surpassed TV ads, increasing by 22% over the last year.

With the rise of ad blocking tools, companies are relying on this tracking information more than ever. Blocking intrusive ads on Android used to only be available to those using rooted devices since. Today, anyone can block ads on their Android device, the easiest way being to install a privacy-centric browser. Let’s talk about the best available to download now.

Keep in mind that even if you use browsers that are built for privacy, your activities could still be being logged by your ISP. If you want to take your web privacy a step farther, you’ll need a VPN or Tor.

Becoming many user’s go-to browser for privacy, Duck Duck Go has been providing private search service. Founded in 2008, they have provided access to over 16 billion searches. With their app, you can keep all browsing information private, not just searches.
A very fast browser with built in ad-blocker, anti tracking and other security measures. Brave is a full featured browser that forces HTTPS and does not require extra addons for it’s functionality.
Great browser built by the very popular VPN service PIA, In Browser gives you a completely private and secure experience. It even supports TOR as well as video playback. Can even block certain scripting.
Nearly everyone knows about the legendary Firefox browser, but do you know about Mozilla’s new private browser? Automatically block ads and tracking scripts.
Developed by the mobile software giants, CM, Armorfly hangs right in there with the other browsers. This one boasts video downloader capabilities, malware protection and even a vault for keeping sensitive information safe.
One of the original Android privacy browsers.
It has been gaining popularity recently but still does not have the amount of users it deserves. User-agent can be customized as well as a huge database that blocks over 2,000 tracking companies. You have to enable incognito mode with this one if that’s something that you need.

Do you feel the need for a privacy browser or do you just prefer using a VPN? Let us know and also check out our VPN recommendations.