What are among your go to productivity apps? There are many different options for to-do lists and tracking time. Here we discuss the ones that we dig.

Since the demise of Astrid, Todoist stepped it up to become one of the more popular task tracking apps. Has many features, but many of those have to be unlocked by in-app purchases.
I hate adding the more well known apps to these lists, but this one honestly cannot be complete without Keep. The most simple and effective note taking app.
Trello is great for freelancers or anyone who has tons of tasks to keep track of. You can even share boards with your customers to show project progress.
The title explains it pretty well. If you want to break or start a habit, this app will bug you until you achieve your goal.
A very simple, clean yet functional task list. A fairly new app, but this one is keeping up with the big names.

I have yet to see a more functional time tracker than Toggl. They also have a web interface and Windows app so you can track anywhere.

What’s your favorite productivity app? Let us know in the comments below.