Just like the PC, mobile devices are vulnerable to malicious software. As mobile use outweighs traditional PC use, malware developers have been targeting these mobile devices more than ever.

Recently Google began to roll out their Play Protect software that comes packaged with the Google Play Store. The software keeps an eye on apps in it’s store as well as on your phone.

It’s a good idea to only install apps from official repositories like Google Play. By sticking with these apps, you greatly reduce your chances of downloading a malicious app that could take control of your device and data.

Even if you do not install apps from unofficial sources, it is still a good idea to be protected with one of the apps we suggest. Many of these are well known names because of their reputation for providing PC software yet are mentioned simply because many people do not realize that they still exist.

The List Starts Here

Lookout is one of the first real anti-malware and all around security app for Android. Not only does it provide protection, it also has features like lost phone.
Another common name among security software. Avira was never one of the largest or most popular companies, but still provided great free security software.
BitDefender was my favorite and go-to application for Windows systems. They continue to provide great software products, this one being no exception.
An all around powerhouse. Including CPU cooler, app locker and scanning software, this little guy is hanging right there with the competition.
This one seems to mainly focus on privacy, cache cleaning and boosting but also offers antivirus from a trusted name.
I’ve always been a fan of CM apps, but not so much since they have been overloaded with useless features. Luckily, the Lite version exists for their security as well as Clean Master.
I’ll always remember Avast and it’s terribly ugly and unfriendly interface, but it always did it’s job. Luckily the company is past it’s UI experiments and continues to offer one of the most downloaded security apps.

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