We all have times when the TV remote is nowhere to be found, luckily Android apps can substitute and even replace the tradition remote controls. Depending on the types of devices you are trying to control, you may need to have a smartphone or tablet that has a hardware IR blaster. Check out these remote control apps.

Works with devices that have IR blasters as well as controlling media devices that are connected to WIFI. Claims to have support for 900,000 devices.
Unified has a free version that supports Windows, Mac and Linux devices. A server is needed to run on the machine you want to control. The app can be used as a mouse, keyboard as well as media controls. Free version has 18 remotes, paid version has TONS.
The official Roku for Android app. The app actually looks a lot like the physical Roku remote. As long as the Android and Roku devices are on the same network, you’ve got a remote. Works with Roku streaming sticks as well.
Works best with devices that have IR capabilities. Works with smart TVs and streaming devices like LG, Samsung, Android TV, Roku, Kodi and Apple TV.
Peel has been around for quite some time. The app was bundled with Galaxy Tab devices long ago. What makes this one stand out is its TV guide features. Needs IR.
The new Xbox app for Xbox One consoles combines the old Smartglass app as well as most of the functionality on the console. The app contains a remote that connects to WIFI. Download news games and apps to your console, send messages and view achievements.