If you have a BLU device that received an OTA update, do not install it. BLU users are reporting that the faulty/corrupt update will lock the phone with a pin and password. No one has been able to get anything valuable from BLU other than the advice to do a factory reset to resolve this issue.

Earlier in the year, BLU had promised it’s users that certain devices including the BLU Life One X2 would be receiving nougat updates. Perhaps these unsuspecting users thought that they were installing the update but Android Nougat was not quite what they got. It’s unknown why this update shipped with an unknown pass code. Maybe the person compiling the update made a mistake or an employee did it on purpose.

Here is the text from the update:

Version number: BLU_L0091UU_V28_GENERIC  14-11-2017 18:00200171114-1701
Version size 529.15 MB
Release date: 11-28-2017

  1. System apps have been updated
  2. Google security patches have been updated for your protection.
  3. Minor updates have been included to provide system stability.


Given BLU’s shady past, this sure seems like another strong hint to stay away from BLU products. Back in July 2017, Amazon announced that they would no longer be selling certain smartphones that the company manufactured. A cyber security company determined that these certain handsets included software from Shanghai Adups Technology which creates applications for spying and mining data.

This software could be a backdoor for remote takeovers, but more likely and has been proven that this software is being used to log user information like call logs, text messages, browsing history and even account data like usernames and passwords.

Disabling the Wireless Update app

It is highly recommended that if you own a BLU device, not only should you avoid this update but you should also disable or uninstall the Wireless Update app immediately. We have an article dedicated to removing system apps and bloatware, we will also briefly discuss it here.

For any users who do not have root access, there really isn’t a way to completely disable and remove the Wireless Update app. You can disable it from the system menu, but each time you reboot or possibly sooner, it will restart.

You can do this by navigating to Settings > Apps > Wireless Updates then tap Disable.

If your device does have root access, you can quickly get rid of this pesky app. First, grab the app below.

There are many other apps that will do the trick, we will use Titanium so we can backup and restore if need be.

Once you have the app installed, grant it root privileges and tap the Backup/Restore button near the top. We can now track down the Wireless Updates app and back it up. Tap the Wireless Updates app, then tap backup. If you were to purchase the full version of Titanium Backup, this step would not need to be done since you could just “freeze” the app.

Once we have the backup created, we can go ahead and tap uninstall while in the view for Wireless Updates app. That’s it! We created a backup for this app because it is a system app, uninstalling any system apps can be risky. Hopefully we will not need this backup, but do have it in case the device starts acting strange. This will prevent us from having to do a factory reset in case the device starts to act up.