Chromer is a pretty cool app that has recently been gaining traction in the community. Basically it gives all apps the ability to launch all external URLs in a quick, chrome custom tab. It installs right over top of chrome, beta or dev and requires at least version 45. We may see other browser support custom tabs in the future, but for now you have to use chrome.

One of the most appealing features of the app is that I no longer have to deal with terrible, poorly designed in-app browsers that are not built with security in mind.

After you begin using it, chromer will begin to learn what links it should handle. Any apps that fight it can sometimes be manually configured to use the chromer app within the apps respective settings.

It uses what they call “web heads” which are sort of like Facebook messenger’s chat heads. Upon clicking a link, if you choose to enable this feature, chromer will attempt to pre-fetch the page and add web head on the screen where you choose. It will organize them by the time they were clicked. This feature is great for queuing up a bunch of pages that you want to check out at some point. If you didn’t enable chat heads, chromer will simply launch the URL directly.

One of the main concerns with an app like this is battery usage. I haven’t used it long enough to comment on it, but will update the post when I have the info. As of now, chromer doesn’t even show up in my battery usage, and it doesn’t seem to have increased Chrome’s usage either.

TLDR; chromer is an app that handles and pre-fetches all in-app external links allowing you to browse quickly and securely.