The first month of 2017 is just about behind us. We’ve seen some crazy things happen that we never would have thought could happen. Let’s take a look at some of the best Android games that were available to download in January.

I had lots of fun with this one. You need to combine like sectors of data. When you successfully do, the tile is doubled. The trick here is that the whole grid shifts when you make a move.
Another interesting puzzle game. This reminded me of connect 4. You need to connect groups of at least 3 same colored dots to remove them.
A pretty strange, creepy but interesting game. Your friend is missing, you recover her phone and have to work with the device’s AI in order to find Sarah.
Fairly simple game, but gets very challenging. You are given letters on a “cookie” which you have to connect and find all the possible combinations.
Is there a game?
Sort of a cross between an idle game and a shooter. Your goal is to use valuable items from comets that you shoot to make the planet green and livable.
A cool take on the classic card game. Tons of achievements and a beautiful flat design.
Navigate the trains without crashing them. Direct them to the correct track to ace the level.
A very difficult but fun game where you have to land the rover on it’s platform.

Did you have a favorite game so far this year? Comment below!