We’ve all seen the Play Store and the thousands of apps littering it that claim to free up space on your device. Though most of these apps do allow you to remove files that are taking up space, they focus on removing app cache files that are almost immediately regenerated by the system. Files Go by Google allows you to focus on the files that are actually occupying storage space on your device. 
Files Go By Google

Like most of Google’s apps, it focuses on a fresh and clean user interface that is not loaded with ads.

Files Go by Google only requires file access privileges, but if you do want it to be able to quickly clean app cache, you’ll need to allow usage access.

Once the app is granted permissions, it is broken down into a few different categories: App Cache, Downloaded Files and Large Files. On my device I have a wallpaper app called Wallrox. Wallrox creates a folder to contain any wallpapers that are downloaded, Files Go realizes this and creates card just for the folder.

This file manager feature obviously isn’t intended to be used as a full-fledged file manager, but as a quick way to see what files are currently on your device and how much storage they are using. If you are in need of a good file manager app, check out our Best Android File Manager list.

As for the actual file size of this app, it weighs in around 26 MB which is smaller than Clean Master but larger than Clean Master Lite.

Overall, this app does not offer much more functionality than others like the CM apps and those like we discussed in an earlier article. I certainly cannot find any areas where Files Go does not function like the others, it is not loaded with unnecessary features, has a much more user friendly interface than the others and does not contain ads!

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