With the power of the internet, it has become harder for criminals to be criminals. A simple Google search will normally give you all the records you need, but in situations where you are looking for warrant information, inmate details or other public records, these apps will help you out. These are the best apps for finding Inmate, Warrants and other public information.

These won’t work in every area across the USA, but most Sheriff’s offices do participate in these type of apps.

Find Inmates, Warrants and Arrest Info

The king of public records. Thousands of Police and Sheriff Departments submit their inmate and warrant records to this database. If your city does not offer this information, you can request it via the app.
This one allows you to search and browse court records across the USA.
Washington County Sheriff’s Office in
Fayetteville, Arkansas. Stay better informed with your local Sheriff’s office with real-time updates to News, Warrants, Arrests, and more.
Allows victims and citizens to access the nation’s leading offender information and victim notification network, Victim Information & Notification Everyday, conveniently from their mobile devices. 
Run a background check, reverse phone search, or reverse email lookup right from their phone.
Search Pennsylvania court docket sheets by name or case number.
Search arrest records and access mugshots nationwide.
Listen to thousands of Police, Fire and EMS channels across the USA.
Over 6,000 Police, Fire, EMS and amateur radio stations.

Did you enjoy any of these apps? What is your go-to for finding inmate, warrant and other public records? Let us know in the comments! Interested in more Best Lists?