It has never been easier to learn to code used to involve obtaining a book that covered the programming language you wanted to learn. This soon evolved into ebooks and websites that use a hands-on approach to coding. Today, we are bringing you a list of the best learning apps for programming languages.

Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated by the amount of time that it takes to type on your mobile device, but most of these apps are modernized to keep the input to a minimum. If you are interested in more of a macro approach to Android automation, check out our article that covers apps like that.

List Starts Here

Py covers a broad range of langueages like Python, C3, C++, Git, HTML, Java, JavaScript, R, SQL, Swift, Unity and more.
Start with any of 12 programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JQuery, C#, Swift.
Learn to code or make webpages anywhere with bite-sized lessons. Encode is a totally new way to learn to code in JavaScript, HTML and CSS on the go!
Level up your Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML, git, Linux and Java with Enki. It’s quick and easy to improve your programming skills, whether you’re a professional developer or a complete beginner.
Mainly focuses on HTML5 technologies.


That’s a wrap, which of these apps do you like the most? We are always wanting to know what you think! Take a moment to share what your experience with these or similar apps.