As a power user, I’m pretty picky about my file manager app. An app that every device manufacturer and even Google seems to push to the side. In my eyes, there are two types of file mangers: root and non-root. Even a stock, unrooted version of Android needs a more powerful file manager than what is shipped with Android. Here we will talk about the up and comers, new Android file manager apps that are worth checking out.

We have another article that discusses the best Android file manager, but what we’re doing here is a bit different. We’re going out of our way to find some new and fresh file manager apps. Let’s see how they stack up against the big names.

The majority of these apps have been downloaded fewer than 5,000 times. Some of these apps do need root access for certain functions, but you will still be able to use the apps without it.

A neat new app that includes all the features that I look for in a file manager app like Root Explorer, App Manager as well as Security options. Best of all, this app does not show ads.
AKA Argon File Manager. Has a nice and refreshing interface. The two column file view allows you to see more of your files at a time. Also has root capabilities, but ads are a bit overwhelming.
An attractive, open source file manager. IT does not look like this one is loaded with features like root access. Not quite a powerhouse like some of the others we listed, but for open source software, this is a nice app.
Reminds me quite a bit of Solid Explorer. The more I think about it, the Oreo app on this list resembles the same app. I’m wondering if the core of Solid Explorer has been sold.