Launcher apps are what basically define your home screen or “desktop” on your Android device. Just like any other type of app, there are thousands of different launchers that you can download from the Google Play Store. I feel like choosing the right launcher is really dependent on your personal preferences.

This article won’t be talking about any of the big names like Nova, Apex, Go, etc. We’ll be discussing new launchers that many people do not know exist. If you want our take on the most common launcher apps, take a look at our Best Android Launcher list.

Not quite as new as some of the others on this list, but Anole is a fresh and powerful app. It sort of reminds me of Nova Launcher since it still uses the traditional app drawer button. It’s got some interesting features and allows you to lock and keep apps private.
A very simple unreleased Pixel style launcher that supports notification badges on app icons. This is a really basic launcher that does not have any customization options which isn’t always a bad thing.
Another unreleased app that looks and behaves very similar to Lawnchair Launcher. I could not find any customization options for this one either.
A very clean launcher with tons of customization options. You can use a traditional app drawer with icon or a more Pixel swipe style. You can sign up to beta test Evie here.
Total is quite a bit different from what you normally see in a launcher. I’m not very partial to this type of style, but it has a really crisp and playful look to the user interface.
Boasted as the smallest, most lightweight launcher on the market. Don’t let the size fool you, it is still packed to the brim with options.