If you’re like me, you do a lot of switching between Android and PC. It can be a real pain in the ass to connect your Android device via USB or waste time uploading your files to the cloud so you can download them from your PC. In this one, we’re talking about the best wireless file management solutions to transfer Android files wirelessly.

AirDroid has always been my go to app for moving files. Not only can you transfer any type of file quickly, you can control many aspects of your Android device without even touching it.

You can transfer an unlimited amount of files using your own network. Even if you don’t have WIFI, AirDroid can still be a good solution if you aren’t transferring large files. The free plan allows 200MB transfer over mobile network.

I normally use it on my LAN. Upon starting the Android app, it creates a local server for communication between devices or you can use airdroid.com as a bridge for your devices. Here’s what the web app interface looks like:

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PushBullet is another app that can help bridge the gap between Android and PC. This one was developed more with notifications and SMS in mind than file transfers, but it can still get the job done. I had always preferred AirDroid, but you may find that PushBullet better suits your needs. They recently did release an app that focuses more on file transfers called Portal, but we’ll check that out some other time.

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SolidExplorer has blossomed into an awesome file manger app. I recently stopped using ES Filer Manager for this little gem. The interface of this app is better than any others I have seen. It does support super user permissions and packs a lot of other features.

Along with managing local files like a boss, Solid can integrate all of your cloud storage and can even connect via LAN or FTP. FTP seems like it would be a little overkill, but you can simply set up an FTP server on your other device and transfer that way. After all, I just mentioned this app because of it’s all around features.

Wrap Up

Each of these apps are unique and must-haves in their own ways. If I were to pick one from this list, it would be AirDroid.

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