An app that makes apps? Yep, there’s a bunch of free automation tools available on the Play Store. You haven’t experienced Android until you have learned to create your own apps. Here, we will talk about the options and how they compare to others. Some of these apps are very user friendly and usable while others are aimed towards a user base that is familiar with some sort of programming.

Create Your Own Apps

The king of automated app creation. Tasker is an absolute powerhouse, but it can take a while to get figured out. Tasker does offer many tutorials and tips about getting started. You can create apps that quietly work in the background as well as all out scenes that you can design for your needs. Some programming experience is recommended.
If you have ever heard of Sketch which is a browser app that teaches kids about programming, SketchWare functions very similarly by using “blocks” to build your code. Not as powerful as Tasker, this app can still make a fully functioning application.

An abbreviation for “If This Then That”, this app has pre-built “recipes” that are available for you to use in creating your own automated tasks. This app is not nearly as feature-rich as the others but is great for beginners that want to automate tasks on Android. The one thing that I didn’t like about this app is that these recipes run through the cloud, making your scripts slow at times.
A bit more user-friendly than Tasker but obviously not as powerful. MacroDroid allows you to create automated scripts for tons of different conditions. They also have templates to help tech you the ropes.

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